Behind the scenes

6 03 2015


Yesterday the fundraising unit were out taking pictures to our crowfunding-project. The project is about promoting highly efficient solar water lifting devices with a network of drip irrigation systems for enhanced horticultural production in order to reduce drudgery and increase household income for poor rural women in the Gambia.  It was a good day where we met a lot of kind people that gave us their time.  Next thing is to edit all the material before we can go online with the project. To be continued. 

SEGRA workshops

20 02 2015

Last weekend the School Development Unit (SDU) traveled to Basse and Brikamaba to continue the training with the Serholt Early Grade Reading Ability (SEGRA). During two days workshops seven and eight took place and the teachers that were present could learn about pattern for writing, difference between consonant blends and diagraphs and they also did a sound knowledge test. On the last day the trained teachers had, in small groups, planned and prepared a private lesson that they showed for the rest of the group. After the weekend the SDU team made visit to schools for monitoring and to see how the trained teachers implemented their knowledge.2

Project proposal training

20 11 2014

With the aim of increasing the capacity of communities to make informed decisions to improve livelihoods, FIOHTG community development team implemented a series of project proposal trainings across the three regions (4, 5, and 6). The aim of the project is to ensure that the competency for proposal writing is located within the communities and the local governments. This will increase communities’ independence when they will have improved opportunities to seek for funding from additional donors on own demand. The project is implemented in three phases where each phase consists of a three-day workshop.


According to participants Seikouba Sanneh of Darsilami and Morr Sey, the deputy head teacher of Missera basic cycle school, the training has developed their skills on proposal development to another level as they are very comfortable that by the end of the third phase they can develop quality proposals for their communities whenever the need arises. Therefore they thank and appreciate the efforts of FIOHTG towards the development of their skills as that is what can lead to sustainability.

SEGRA Workshops

5 11 2014

During the last week of October, the School Development Unit (SDU) team travelled to their intervention areas to further strengthen teacher’s competency in the Serholt early grade reading ability (SEGRA). The teachers participated in workshops five and six, out of a total of nine workshops. The workshops were centred around the SEGRA methodology focusing on, among other things, long and short vowels, consonants, blending and working with text. The SDU team also made monitoring visits to various intervention schools and interacted with teachers and students.


Teachers lining up to participate in the workshop in Basse.

Staff sensitization on the Ebola Epidemic hitting West Africa

27 10 2014

FIOHTG on Thursday the 23rd October 2014 organized a sensitization on Ebola for its staff as part of the greater campaign across the country by the Ministry of health. The sensitization was led by Isabella the Swedish intern who dilated on the following topics:

– What is Ebola
– The signs and symptoms
– How is Ebola spread
– How to prevent yourself 

In her introductory remarks Kristina Lundahl expressed the importance of the sensitization as it will improved on the understanding of the staff regarding Ebola so that they are well prepared to prevent themselves  their families and the communities on this virus.


The session was very interactive as participants carried out some practical exercises and also had the opportunity to ask questions and answers provided. At the end of the session the following recommendations were made among others:

– Provide all the toilets with liquid soap for hand washing 
– Provide all staff with drinking cups so we don’t share one cup
– Introduce hand washing at the gate for all staff and visitors before entering the premises
– Reduce to the minimum shaking hands with people  
– Conduct sensitizations at community level with our clientele 

SEGRA training for cluster trainers

1 10 2014

As a measure to enhance the quality of the SEGRA modules used by the cluster trainers in their various intervention areas, a three day workshop was held at the FIOHTG office in Kotu. From the 19th to the 21st of September, a good number of cluster trainers gathered to discuss the content of the modules, identify areas in need of improvement and to jointly agree upon the new content.

The workshop provided an opportunity for the cluster trainers from the different intervention areas to meet, share information, highlight challenges and discuss ideas and ways forward. The end result of the workshop was an improved and cohesive working material which will guide the future work of the cluster trainers.

As part of the workshop program, the cluster trainers additionally participated in an interactive session on health education focusing on Ebola. Discussions and exercises highlighted themes such as personal beliefs about Ebola, facts about the virus and key areas for prevention.  

The FIOHTG office would like to thank the participants for their hard work and active participation during the workshop.


End of internship period

1 08 2013


On July the 31st 2013 Elvira Tillerman the Sweden intern who worked at Future in Our Hands The Gambia for the past four months came to the end of her tenure. During the period of her stay she was privileged to work with all the units within the organization and was able to visit most of the village development project villages across the three regions where she interacted with community members.

As one of the main pillars of internship which is the learning and sharing, Elvira was able to share her skills with the staff in the areas of report writing, ICT and a wide range of areas whilst on the other hand she was also exposed to the Gambian culture and the work methodology of the organization.

On behalf of FIOHTG and the beneficiary communities we thank SIDA, Forum Syd and the Gambia groups in Sweden for making the services of Elvira Tillerman possible whilst we wish Elvira success in her new challenges ahead.  



29 05 2013

As part of the transformation process towards becoming a full-fledged national NGO, FIOH-TG on Tuesday the 28th May 2013 inaugurated the new board members who will serve for a period of two years. According to the FIOH-TG constitution a board member can serve for two consecutive terms which is four years. 

In his opening remarks, the Director welcomed the board members and assured them of management and staff support but also reminded them that they have been chosen to serve as members based on their individual technical and professional background and experience that can add value to the work of FIOH-TG. Members were later provided updates and orientations on key issues which were followed by an open discussion. According to section 12.2 of the FIOH-TG constitution, the board shall consist of 7 full members; a minimum of at least three of these members shall be female in order to strike gender balance. Other individuals with special skills, knowledge and experience shall be co-opted into the board from time to time based on need.

The board members are Lamin Dibba of the Gambia Women’s finance association (GAWFA), Kebba Sima of Action Aid International The Gambia (AAITG), Mam Kumba Sanneh of the medical research council (MRC), Binta Sidibeh Jammeh of the Association for promoting girls and women’s advancement in the Gambia (APGWA), Fabakary Kalleh of the Youth Ambassadors for peace (YAP), Baboucarr Suwareh of the Ministry of basic and secondary education (MoBSE) and finally, Dr Isatou Touray of GAMCOTRAP. At the closing of the meeting an election was conducted for the position of chairperson and vice chairperson to which Baboucarr Suwareh was elected as the chairperson whilst Binteh Sidibeh Jammeh became the vice chairperson. Congratulations to all.

 board-2.jpg  board-1.jpg

 Binta Sidibeh Jammeh of the APGWA           Baboucarr Suwareh of the MoBSE                         

Mini NGO-Week

21 05 2013

From the 14th to the 17th of May, the “mini NGO-week” took place in Basse in the Upper River Region. The event was arranged by the Association of Non-Governmental Organisations (TANGO) in partnership with the United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF), Future in Our Hands, Concern Universal, Wuli and Sandu Development Association (WASDA), TOSTAN, ECO Bank and Access Bank, amongst others. The aim was to gather different development partners and to draw attention to the contributions of NGO’s in the national development process. The core issues which were presented and discussed include poverty, gender, governance, human rights and agriculture. Another matter that was pointed out was the need for increased coordination and cohesion amongst NGO’s within the country in order to avoid duplication and improve development work, especially in the Upper River Region. This event also gave the opportunity to highlight different challenges especially concerning poverty within The Gambia. Finally, the need to have poverty eradication as a top priority amongst all development partners, including the government, the private sector and the civil society organisations, was put forward as a vital priority.


May Day

9 05 2013


On the 1st of May, FIOH-TG joined the workers across the Gambia during Workers Day, also known as May Day, to acknowledge the achievements of the labour movement. This was also an opportunity for the Gambian workers to draw attention to constraints and challenges regarding the employment situation in the country. As a result of generally higher living expenses and economic hardships, concerns of low wages were put forward and the demand for increased salaries was a priority on the May Day agenda. The event also included the traditional May Day Sports where FIOH-TG reached an overall score of 74 points finishing at a 6th position out of 51 organisations.