Impact evaluation report 2014

13 03 2015

Yesterday all the staff of Future In Our Hands The Gambia were actively participating in the validation of the “Impact evaluation report  of the village development project 2014”.  The meeting was held in the conference hall and Sakou Jobe, the consultant, was there answering question about the result.  Buba Faburay as a chairman and the country director Mr Yahya Sanyang were both pleased with the great work Saku Jobe have done with the report and the response from the staff.


Saku Jobe ended the presentation with nine recommendation to the further work for FIOHTG:

1.  Finalize preparatory work and deploy some FIOHTG staff to the project areas. Arrangements may be made with Regional Education Directors to host the staff at their offices. Alternatively, field offices managed by the organization may be set up. The close presence of staff shall improve interface and effectiveness.

2.    2.   Support more community members, especially women, to get involved in business enterprises and help them with financial capital possibly through village institutions.

3.      3. Improve access to production inputs and labor-saving devices in order to enable farmers (women in particular) to maximize their potential, diversify their farming and enhance their production and productivity.

4       4. Work more closely with SMCs to ensure that they demonstrate a greater sense of responsibility and assist schools to manage their activities effectively.

 .  55. Help restructure and further build capacity of the VDCs in order to enable them execute their roles and manage development activities effectively.   

   6. 6. Support farmers diversify their farming activities by promoting backyard gardening, livestock rearing and marketing and cashew growing.

7.       7. Raise environmental awareness, conservation and improved land management in order to further enhance and restore the environment and improve soil fertility.

8.       8. Assist the School Management Committees to address the issue of malfunctioning solar facilities by effecting the necessary repairs to replacement of faulty accessories. Schools should be encouraged to use funds generated from the recharging of mobile phone batteries to address some of the problems.

9.       9. Provide more support in order to increase the impact of the adult literacy program. Work with VDCs and SMCs to promote the participation of women in order to improve their ability to read and write and be able to assume more important roles in institutional governance and community development.