HOCAI Staff Workshop

12 02 2019

On the 7th and 8th February the staff at FIOHTG underwent a two-day long institutional assessment workshop using the Holistic Organizational Capacity Assessment Instrument (HOCAI). This is a flexible instrument which aims to assists organizations to conduct a self-analysis of their strengths and challenges. The HOCAI can be easily adapted to specific organizational contexts and is used to build a stronger organization. It strives to improve organizational functions, using data, through capacity strengthening and then directs the participants on how to develop an action plan. The assessment was facilitated by one of FIOHTG´s board members, Joanna Mendy from CRS, in the conference hall at FIOHTG and with a majority of the staff form all units participating.


In the HOCAI, there are nine capacity areas, which are broken down into components and portrayed as statements that indicate the organizations capacity. These areas are:

1) Identity and governance, 2) Strategy and Planning, 3) General Management, 4) External Relations and Partnerships, 5) Sustainability, 6) Organizational Learning, 7) Human Resource Management, 8 ) Financial and Physical Resource Management and finally 9) Programming, Services and Results.


The data results provided from the HOCAI will be used by FIOHTG to develop and strengthen the organization further. The action plan created aims to improve performance which will increase our opportunities and performance internally and externally so we can continue to invest in, and collaborate with the marginalized communities in rural Gambia