Maintenance Work with the Construction Unit

27 02 2019

Staff of the construction unit embarked on some maintenance work on their project site in the Sandu region Upper River Region North and Tumana district in the south.

Augustine Manneh program officer, and the interns Alfusainey Keita and Lawrence Matthew Mendy, Mamudu

Cessay the MOBSE construction monitor for region six, and Amadou Badjie FIOHTG driver set out for Janjanbureh to inspect the new girl’s dormitory block for Armitage Senior secondary school which was in process. That work had just started and they were working on the foundation and (digging of the trenches).

From there they cross over to the North Bank and headed to the Sandu region. Their first stop was at Demba wandu where they inspected the school building for areas to be repaired which was completed on sight and documented. The other sites visited was Kurau, Sare Fodegeh, Changally, Kuwonku,Sare Demba Toro lower basic schools where defects were detected and documented. At Missira the village technician was consulted to come and fix a door in the office and then the team preceded to the last school to inspect in the Sandu region which was Touba Sandu where no issues were detected and no reparations were necessary. That following day  the team went for Njayel on the south bank of URR to fix two wall switches and one wall socket then cover the distribution box.  On the next day the needed materials (cement, water paint, and paint brushes) were purchased for reparation to plaster some of the pealed walls and paint the unpainted areas. Work was completed in two days.