Youth Advocacy Sports

25 02 2019

A maiden Youth Advocacy Sports and ‘bantaba’ was conducted in Chargel cluster in CRR between the 21th –24th of February 2019. The activity included Youth forums where various youth related themes were discussed. The deputy governor, representative of the Regional Education Director, the district chief, as well as the councilor and FIOHTG director and staff, and the chairman of Gambia Groups all graced the activity.  A declaration was made by the youths demanding greater inclusion of the youths in governance, and more employment opportunities, helping them to realize their full potentials.

There was a football tournament for boys and girls comprising 8 boys’ teams and 8 girls’ teams. The first matches on Friday were successful and the suspense was in the air! Both the girls and the boy’s game were played between Bundu Koylel and Bamtaare. After a fair game the girls from Bamtaare won by 3-2 on penalties. The Boys played in the afternoon resulting in1-1 which led to penalties and victory for Bundu Koylel with 5-2. The Football matches continued the following days, ending with the finals, awards and a game between Chargels teachers and the FIOHTG team.

Cultural events and theater were also part of the activities. The cultural events were held to perform and educate the visitors on Chargel’s traditional Fula ceremonies. They were very interesting and well received!

The participating groups and individuals were awarded with certificates to show appreciation. Thanks to the community development unit of FIOHTG, the entire staff, communities and all stakeholders for making this activity a success.