Future In Our Hands is well known in The Gambia for its quality and reliability in construction of school buildings. The Construction and Technical Training program works with contracts from both internal and external projects. External projects form the majority of projects and are mainly received from the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education (MoBSE) through their Project Coordination Unit (PCU). The ministry has a number of donors namely UNICEF and the Fast Track Initiative (FTI) through the World Bank among others.

Quality and reliability in school building construction

FIOH constructions of school building facilities have over the years enhanced access to quality education in the Gambia, contributing with approximate 1000 classrooms, 160 kitchens, 230 staff quarters and 900 toilets.

Consultancy and Interns

The unit also offers consultancy work and internships for university students. In every building project, local trainees are adopted in order to enhance local capacity building.


Talingding Lower Basic School - built by FIOH via contract from the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education