School Development

The school development program is working with in-service teachers training in order to enhance the quality of education in Gambian schools. An early grade reading methodology adapted for Gambian conditions has been developed together with the Swedish publishing house Serholt. The program called SEGRA (Serholt Early Grade Reading Ability) has been implemented since 2009. The SEGRA methodology has one of the best results in the country by increasing a significant number of children who are able to read and write in early grades.

SEGRA-methodology is based on active learning 


The SEGRA methodology is based on active learning. Divergent the passive teaching method “Chalk and Talk”, SEGRA provides constant activity during the learning process. Learning letters and blending letter sounds into words are done through rhymes and actions in a playful way. The learning process is reinforced when students are active, cooperate in group work, play games and dramatize. The students work within groups of 6-8 students, with one designated team leader. The students learn to work together in a democratic manner, organize, take responsibility, be active and build confidence.

Advocacy in SEGRA

Within the SEGRA methodology advocacy on central development issues are included, such as basic knowledge in democracy principles, gender and equality, conflict and African Charter on the rights and welfare of the child.

In-service teachers in a SEGRA workshop on basic democracy priciples, gender, equality, and the African Charter on the rights of the child

SEGRA workshops

During an academic year SEGRA in hold 10 workshops. One workshop with material production, six workshops on SEGRA 1 which deals with the initial letter sounds and three workshops on SEGRA 2 including diagraphs and tricky spelling sounds. All the workshops are followed by three days of monitoring, classroom tutoring, observations and material production.

SEGRA material

SEGRA material includes sound posters, rhymes, writing strips, tactile cards for pictures, reading books and a teachers’ manual. The materials are produced at low cost for the teachers to be able to replicate and use in their SEGRA teaching.

SEGRA improves education quality with active learning within the learning process and teachers’ awareness regarding rights and regulations for the child.

Material production - teachers learn how to produce their own low cost material